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 Celebrating 20+ Years of Reaching Families for Christ!

Sundays, 4 - 6 p.m.!
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April Calendar

27 - MISSONS OFFERING/CUBBIE OLYMPICS & MOVING UP NIGHT—Don’t forget to bring a missions offering. Cubbies will be doing their Cubbie games for their parents & other family members. Moving Up Night – 2nd graders will visit T&T, 6th graders will visit Trek, and 8th graders will visit our Journey group.

Summit Update
Congratulations to our Awana Summit teams for a job well done in Chicago this year. In fine arts, nine students participated and three received gold medals, six received silver medals, and one received a bronze medal. Duncan Voyles also was awarded the Judges Choice Award in Public Speaking for his speech on Presenting the Gospel.

Three Bible quiz teams participated and two teams received silver medals. Second place gold in the country was awarded in the Awana games area. Two Arapaho Road volleyball teams competed with one team advancing to the championship bracket and posted four wins before being eliminated.

Seniors, Jon Glass, Jason Laddusaw, Lauren Mezzell, Duncan Voyles and Luke Williams were presented the highest achievement in Awana – the Citation Award. Thank you to our AWESOME coaches for giving so many hours working with all of our students.

Sixty-four students and adults made the trip to Chicago from Arapaho Road. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Coming in May: Book Blow-Out Night – May 4th (last night to complete your handbooks) & Awards Ceremony – May 18 Celebrating 20+ Years of Reaching Families for Christ!

2013 – 2014 - Awana Leadership

Bill and Nancy Sword Commanders
Amy Boon Asst. to the Commanders
John Boon Shepherd Director
Sheryl Hazelwood Bee Director
Cheryl Williams Cubbie Director
Patrick Christian Senior Sparks Director
Beena Varnan Kindergarten Sparks Director
Steve Ward 1st Grade Sparks Director
Randy Wynn 2nd Grade Sparks Director
Laura Mezzell Girls T&T Director
Wes Richardson Boys T&T Director
Russell and Ruth Foreman Trek and Journey Directors
 Karla & Mike Smith Awana Store Directors

AWANA PRICES FOR 2013 - 2014
A-WANNA BEES - (Dues, Shirt & Bag) $ 40
CUBBIES - DUES - $40 / HANDBOOK - $11 / UNIFORM - $12 / BOOK BAG - $7 (Optional)
SPARKS - DUES - $40 / HANDBOOK - $11 / UNIFORM - $13 / BOOK BAG - $7 (Optional)
T & T - DUES - $40 / HANDBOOK - $11 / UNIFORM - $15 / CD - $10 (Optional)/ BACK PACK - $7 (Optional)
TREK - DUES - $40 / HANDBOOK - $11
JOURNEY - DUES - $ 40 / HANDBOOK - $11 x 2 (Main Study & Elective)


What Is Awana? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiUo16hV7bg&feature=related
Endorsements For Awana: http://awana.org/about/about-endorsements,default,pg.html
Awana At Home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmpdnZI6-E0

Who may attend? Boys, girls, and teens age two thru high school.
When does Awana Meet? Sundays 4 - 6 p.m. during the school year.
Why should my kids attend? Awana offers sound Biblical instruction, scripture memory, organized games, great Christian Fellowship, and awards for completing scripture verses and good sportsmanship.
Is there a fee? Yes. Nominal yearly dues are necessary to cover the cost of the awards. In addition, an Awana vest or shirt will be necessary for clubbers to display their awards. Finally, scripture handbooks need to be purchased for your clubber.  More...



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